Astrum Militia

For a Better Tomorrow

Personnel Benefits

The Astrum Militia is very proud to provide a plethora of benefits to all enlisted personnel. From educational and training opportunities to medical care and housing, these are just some of the outstanding benefits our enlisted personnel may take advantage of.

Militia Pay

Although it is part of our duty and responsibility to defend our homeland from those who do not share in our values, it is none the less important to keep our economic finances healthy while on-duty. Thus all eligible enlisted personnel may take advantage of our pay-in-grade system.

Educational Programs & Training

Unleash your inner curiosity and open your horizons with over fifteen different training programs and endless educational opportunities. Take advantage of our courses instructed by industry leading experts among a selection of fascinating course material and training regiments.

Job Selection & Assignment

From taking part as a team member within a department to deciding upon your occupational preference, choose from over thirty different roles, jobs, and occupations, surely the possibilities are endless.

Promotions & Advancement

Take advantage of our fully customized chain of command and progression system. With a fully loaded leadership structure and experienced infrastructure of leaders you will never have a dull day in the militia.

Medical Care & Expense Coverage

Medical expenses can pile up, specifically fighting ruthless swarms of Vanduul and pirates. Not to worry, all enlisted personnel are to be fully covered of all operational living and medical expenses while on-duty and are covered to the full extent.

Valor & Honor

Take part in epic tide-turning battles, that will be talked about for centuries to come, earn service medals to display and show off to your friends and family, meet hundreds of pilots that share in your values and take pride in serving with the Astrum Militia.

50+ Enlisted Personnel

125+ Ship Fleet

15+ Years Experience

Call to Arms

The Vanduul are knocking at our door step and continue raiding UEE settled planets while swarms of pirate gangs continue their merciless attacks on shipping lanes! Our supply chains are suffering immensely and the United Empire of Earth is on the brink of collapse. What are you waiting for? Humankinds needs you, sign up with the Astrum Militia today!