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Astrum Militia

Mission Statement

The Astrum Militia was established in 2764 on the planet of Angeli within the Croshaw System, as a response to the growing tensions between Vanduul Clans and the United Empire of Earth. Since then the Astrum Militia has become one of the most professional and most disciplined military organizations in the galaxy. Made up entirely of law-abiding United Empire of Earth citizen volunteers, the Astrum Militia patrols twenty-one systems and operates from six major planetary locations. The Astrum Militia also harbors a fleet larger than many United Empire of Earth Naval Strike Groups and deploys assets worth over two billion credits per month.

Enlistment Benefits

💵 Compensation & Pay 💵

Although it is part of civic duty and service to defend the homeland from those who do not share within the same values, it is nevertheless important to keep personal economic finances healthy while on-duty. All eligible enlisted personnel may take advantage of the pay-in-grade system while deployed.

📚 Educational Programs & Training 📚

Unleash your inner curiosity and open your horizons with over twenty-seven different training programs and endless educational opportunities. Take advantage of courses instructed by industry leading experts among a selection of fascinating course material and training regiments.

🔫 Job Selection & Assignment 🔫

From taking part as a team member within a department to deciding upon your occupational preference, choose from over forty-five different roles, jobs, and occupations. The endless possibilities and abundant opportunities afforded to all enlisted personnel are plentiful.

🎖️ Promotions & Awards 🎖️

Take advantage of the sophisticated and intricate chain of command and awards progression system, housing a fully loaded leadership structure, complex external awards system, and experienced infrastructure of leaders and officers it is never a dull day in the militia.

🩺 Medical Care & Expense Coverage 🩺

Medical expenses can become financially cumbersome, specifically fighting ruthless swarms of Vanduul and pirates. However, it is no cause for concern, all enlisted personnel are to be fully covered of all operational living and medical expenses while on-duty and are covered to the full extent while deployed.

⚔️ Valor & Honor ⚔️

Take part in epic planetary and aerospace battles for the well being of the human civilization, that will be discussed for centuries to come. Earn service medals to display and show off to your friends and family, meet hundreds of pilots that share in your values, and take pride in serving with the Astrum Militia.

Professionalism & Structure

The Astrum Militia is a highly organized and thoughtfully disciplined military organization with an emphasis on professionalism and sophistication. To achieve this vision, the Astrum Militia deploys a chain of command and unit hierarchy in an effort to maintain accurate coordination and cooperation between all organization entities. The primary emphasis of the deployment model utilized by the Astrum Militia is one of effectiveness and efficiency. The Astrum Militia archives this concept by fostering a strong command network, continually deploying complex external and internal systems, maintaining crucial logistical sustainment, and continually evolving to circumvent challenges and obstacles in order to reach ambitious objectives.
Call to Arms
The Vanduul are knocking at our doorstep and continue raiding United Empire of Earth settled planets while swarms of pirate gangs continue their merciless attacks on shipping lanes. Our supply lines are suffering immensely and the United Empire of Earth is on the brink of collapse. Humankind needs you, what are you waiting for? Enlist with the Astrum Militia today!
Join over 30 other enlisted citizens and help preserve the freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of the human species.